Keeping the Earth


Our Friend Stefan is leading this webinar next week:

Keeping the Earth - A forum for Clergy and Faith Leaders
Tuesday, May 19th
Ninety minutes starting:
4:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Mountain Time 

This presentation and discussion will explore the interface between religion and science in this time that the creation/biosphere is under threat from global mass extinction and climate change. What are our shared values? What are our shared responsibilities? 

Co-Hosts: Dr. Roy May and Dr. Stefan Sommer 

Dr. May holds a Master of Divinity degree from the Perkins School of Theology (Southern Methodist University) and the PhD in theology from the VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For 30 years he taught theology and ethics at the Latin American Biblical University in San Jose, Costa Rica.  

Dr. Sommer is the Director of Education at the Merriam-Powell Center for Environmental Research at Northern Arizona University. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from U.C. Berkeley, a Master of Science Degree from the University of Maryland, and a PhD in Ecology from the University of New Mexico. His focus is on ecological sustainability and cultural bridging.

Register for the webinar here.

from Steve Finger, Flagstaff Friends (5/15/2020)