Introducing Quaker Education Studio


QREC Studio: Templates to edit for Quaker faith formation, community building, & outreach

Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (QREC) is launching a new generation of resources. The vision is customizable materials that support Quaker faith formation, community building, and outreach. QREC Studio is a fresh, robust response to the challenges and changes Quakerism is facing now. QREC Studio brings forth a first collection of seasoned work for you to use as building blocks for your ministry. The intention is to set the stage for active engagement on the spiritual journey rather than simply imparting information about Quakerism. The Spiritual Practice Cards, Children are Welcome Here pamphlets, and Query Cards are shared by New England Yearly Meeting .

Each document is customizable, giving your ministry the right tone and vibe for your meeting or Friends church. Add and subtract as you are moved. Each document is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement allowing you to tweak or wholly reimagine the material.

To download files for your own use, click the button below. Choose your folder. Select the .docx version of the document by hovering over it and clicking on the circle that will appear in the upper right of the document image. Then choose "Download."

Click here to enter QREC Studio.

from Beth Collea, Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (1/6/2022)