Intra-Visitation in IMYM

Have you ever wanted to visit Friends in other towns or states within our IMYM community? This could be your chance! During Annual Gathering 2019, IMYM Friends approved a pilot program for intravisitation among individual Friends and the various monthly meetings, worship groups, and remote Friends within IMYM.

Friends who are interested in asking for support of the yearly meeting in visiting other meetings, etc., may submit a proposal to the co-clerks, outlining the reason for the visitation, what conversations have been had with the “visitee” Friend(s), and how the visit might benefit the individual Friends and Friendly groups, including IMYM. It is our hope that this program will help strengthen connection among Friends within our yearly meeting.

Contact us at:  clerk-AT-imym-DOT-org

from Gale Toko Ross and Valerie Ireland, Co-Clerks of IMYM (12/9/2019)