Information on Border Issues

New Mexico Regional Meeting, Spring 2020, has been planned to include the following outings:

  • Immigration Court visit in Las Cruces
  • Walking tour of border sites in downtown El Paso
  • Tour of sites along the Rio Grande that show its natural setting, the crowdfunded wall, and the border fence.
  • Visit to San Juan shelter in Juarez with Karina Barrios of Red de Apopo a Migrantes

Friends are encouraged to read the following articles, which were gathered as preparatory background readings for the outings described above:

December 2019 report on the impact of the most recent border policies on El Paso/ Juarez by the Washington Office on Latin America

US Immigration Court Observation Manual

Ultra-right group privately funds building of border wall on public land near El Paso

El Paso Times coverage of Sigrid Gonzalez' s work creating an “Escuelita” for migrant children in the Chamizal migrant camp, Ciudad Juarez

from Vickie Aldrich and Kathy Kapenga, New Mexico Regional Meeting Registrars (2/28/2020)