Geological Perspective


Dear Friends:

I definitely appreciated the piece on rocks by Earl Reynolds that appeared at the end of the e-newsletter from Western Friend last week.  As a geologist and a Quaker, there was a lot there that really resonated with me – especially the part about all rocks being individuals and the fact that they aren’t in a hurry.  Several of the items on my meditation table at home are rocks.  One of these rocks is one that is a great reminder of the sense of time that Reynolds talked about in his piece.  It is a chunk of Gneiss from the Great Slave province of northern Canada.  Indications are that it is between 2 and 4 billion years of age.  Holding it in your hand means holding much of the planet’s long history.  Definitely humbling.

In any event, I am grateful for Reynold’s piece.

from Frank Granshaw, Multnomah Monthly Meeting (5/30/2022)


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