FWCC Care for the Earth - Report

On Monday 29 July, 2019, Friends World Committee for Consultation hosted a webinar to help Friends learn more about the work of a group of mostly North American Friends who have been working together across the Quaker theological spectrum to develop a shared Quaker voice on earth care.

During the webinar, we heard from three members of the group:

  • Adrian Halverstadt, Director of Evangelical Friends Church – North America
  • Lindsey Fielder Cook, Representative for Climate Change at the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva
  • Susanna Mattingly, FWCC's Sustainability Communications Manager.
You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

Our time together prompts me to articulate what I know. As Quakers:

  • we share a deep love of God
  • we have a great imagination for what can be
  • we have optimism based on our strong faith
  • we have a commitment to respect and love all of life
  • we appreciate and are fed spiritually by nature and all of creation
  • we are stronger and better together
  • and we enjoy a dogged determination to work for change

We will continue to amplify our Quaker voice and to bring a deeper understanding of love to the world. I am looking forward to more of these gathered experiences,

from Gretchen Castle, FWCC General Secretary (8/13/2019)