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Quaker Leadership of the Future

March 05, 2023, 1 PM - March 05, 2023, 1 PM US/Pacific

Live online event Quaker Leadership of the Future: A Working Session among Friends from multiple generations in several yearly meetings and Quaker organizations What – A working session online Let’s pave the way for Quaker Leaders of the Future. Let’s examine old habits and imagine new ways. Let’s invite new growth. Please invite others to join us! When & Where Sunday, March 5, 2023 two interactive hours starting 1:00 PM Pacific = 2 PM Mountain Click here to join the meeting. Meeting ID: 288 711 054 Passcode: 593327 Click here for the small group assignment. Who – Friends of Friends in the future Panelists Folks employed by Quaker organizations to support leaders of the future: AFSC – Julian Andaya, Director of AFSC's Emerging Leaders for Liberation Program AFSC = American Friends Service Committee FCNL — Larissa Gil-Sanhueza, Senior Manager of FNCL’s Young Adult Program FCNL = Friends Committee on National Legislation QVS — Woody Logan-Wood, City Coordinator for the QVS Portland Program QVS = Quaker Voluntary Service Folks who support leaders of the future in our yearly meetings: IMYM – Erin Bates, Assistant to the Yearly Meeting IMYM = Intermountain Yearly Meeting NPYM — Paul Christiansen, Rising Clerk of the Yearly Meeting NPYM = North Pacific Yearly Meeting PacYM — Alma Moon, Co-Clerk of Young Adult Meeting PacYM = Pacific Yearly Meeting SCYMF — Erin Wilson, Coordinating Committee and Safeguarding Committee for the yearly meeting SCYMF = Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends You You might want to attend this event because: You yourself are a Quaker leader of the future, and/or You have been working to support Quaker leaders of the future, and/or You are looking for new ideas for your Quaker meeting   How – Two hours with a tight agenda Each panelist will make a five-minute presentation about Quaker leadership. Panelists will engage in a moderated Q&A among themselves. All participants will work in small groups to imagine practical next steps for Quaker meetings. Participants will reconvene for closing thoughts. Western Friend will publish a podcast of the panel presentation and notes from the small groups. I am looking forward to looking forward to the future with you, Friends!           – Mary Klein