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Ninety Years of Pendle Hill Pamphlets

March 04, 2024, 4:30 PM US/Pacific

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill published its first pamphlet in early 1934. Since that time, 486 pamphlets have been published. In this celebration of the series, Pendle Hill will hold a moderated discussion with Mary Crauderueff, who has recently finished reading the entire pamphlet series, and Doug Gwyn, Pendle Hill historian and pamphlet author. Janaki Spickard Keeler, current editor of the pamphlet series, will serve as moderator.

Tracts for Our Times Celebration

Monday, March 4, 2024
90 minutes starting:
2:30 PM Hawaii = 4:30 PM Pacific = 5:30 PM Mountain

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from Alex Morrison, Pendle Hill (to be 3/4/2023)