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Election Violence Prevention

June 03, 2024, 4:30 PM US/Pacific

A Pendle Hill First Monday Lecture with Emily Provance

Monday, June 3, 2024
1:30 PM Hawaii = 4:30 PM Pacific = 5:30 PM Mountain
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Election Violence Prevention:
In the Virtue of that Life and Power that Takes Away the Occasion of All Wars

Emily Provance will lead a workshop about election violence on June 7 at SCYMF Annual Sessions. Additionally, she will present a lecture on the same topic as part of Pendle Hill's "First Monday" lecture series.

Election violence prevention (EVP) is a specific peacebuilding discipline. We know the best practices from international efforts and analysis, but that doesn’t make doing EVP an easy thing. Successful EVP requires a commitment to work with anyone who agrees with the goal of nonviolence, even across enormous political and cultural differences. This lecture will explain how Quaker theology and community have prepared Friends to engage in EVP.

Emily Provance travels in the ministry, leading programs and writing extensively on topics related to faith and community. She is an associate of Good News Associates and a member of 15th Street Monthly Meeting, New York Yearly Meeting.

from Alex Morrison, Powell House