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Deep Listening and Discernment in Meeting for Business

March 09, 2016, 6:30 PM - March 09, 2016, 6:30 PM US/Pacific

Second in the series, "Cultivate the Quaker Experience," monthly online conversations for Friends to consider ways to strengthen their Quaker meetings. 90 minutes. Please arrive on time. Participants frequently need a few minutes to get their computers / tablets / smart phones connected with the online meeting room. This technology still requires a good deal of patience. Western Friend Connect "Workshop Meeting Room" Log into the online meeting room as a "guest," using your own name. Watch for an invitation from the host, which will ask you to share your camera and microphone with the meeting room; please reply to this request by choosing the option, "accept." After you enter the meeting room, you will see a "slide" which gives instructions for you to communicate there. Also please notice the "chat" box in the bottom corner of the meeting room, where you can type questions and messages for the host and other participants. We look forward to meeting with you online!