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Memorials: Santa Cruz Monthly Meeting

Jerry Adamson

Date of birth

Oct. 10, 1935

Date of death

March 11, 2021


Santa Cruz Monthly Meeting

Memorial minute

Gerald (Jerry) Adamson, 85, resident of Berkeley, CA for sixty years, passed away on March 11, 2021 surrounded by his family. Jerry was born and raised on a farm near Mo, Iowa, the eighth of eleven children. When he was ten Jerry contracted rheumatic fever. It was Dr. Clare Trueblood from the adjacent farm and great-uncle to Peter Trueblood, Strawberry Creek Meeting, who was sent for, and determined how gravely ill Jerry was. Jerry felt that Clare Trueblood saved his life, and remained deeply grateful to him his entire life.

Jerry moved to Berkeley where he met and married Nancy Varney in 1956. They raised five children. Jerry and Nancy’s home brimmed with local and international friends. Jerry kept honeybees and chickens and had a natural understanding for how to build structures, fix machines and heal sick animals. He was passionate about all forms of alternative energy, particularly solar.

Jerry worked at Donner Laboratory at UC Berkeley from 1958 to retirement in 1989. He co-authored, with Dr. Frank Lindgren, several publications on lipoproteins. 

Jerry’s brother, Frank Adamson, joined Berkeley Meeting in 1950 and remained a member until he transferred membership to Santa Cruz Meeting in 1989. Jerry Adamson became a Quaker by conviction on September 9, 1987, his wife Nancy becoming a member at that time. Jerry continued as a Quaker for the rest of his life. Nancy died on March 25, 2007 after a short illness.

In 2015 Jerry moved to his son David’s home in Newport, Oregon where he enjoyed meeting friends and taking walks in nature until declining health caught up with him. Jerry passed away on March 11, 2021 and his ashes will be buried next to Nancy’s in the Waldron Island cemetery (San Juan Islands, Washington). 

Jerry is survived by his five children Helen Adamson (Ferran Sancho Pifarre), Mel Adamson (Bent Vale), Susan Adamson, David Adamson, and Arthur Adamson (Claire); grandchildren Marc, Eric, Ingrid, Megan, Jacob, Sarah, Jenna, Sam, Aaron, Austin, Tristan, Nyla, Nora, Linden and Jeramy; two great-grandchildren; six siblings: James Ralph Adamson, William Adamson, Ethel Adamson Patzer, Glen Adamson, Maxine Bennett, Wayne Adamson, sisters-in-law; nieces, nephews and his close friend JB Jones.