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Memorials: Pullman-Moscow Friends Meeting

David Coahran

Date of birth

April 10, 1933

Date of death

June 24, 2017


Pullman-Moscow Friends Meeting

Memorial minute

They that live beyond the World cannot be separated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies. Nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in the same Divine Principle... They live in one another still. William Penn, 1693

David Coahran passed away quietly from this world, as he had lived, on June 24 2017.

Our Friend walked quietly upon the earth leaving as little of an environmental imprint as he could. David was an exemplar of Quaker values, most noticeably those of simplicity and integrity. He cared little for pieces of paper that said who or what he was, but let his life speak for these things instead.

David came to the Palouse in 1960 as a “post doc” in the agricultural chemistry department at Washington State University. Finding several others in the area with Friendly leanings, he was instrumental in forming the Pullman Worship Group which eventually grew into the Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting. Over the years, he held virtually every office the small Meeting had need of, but he will be remembered by current members as our perpetual treasurer, being the only one we have ever known! He also worked tirelessly for the Northwest Quarterly Meeting and North Pacific Yearly Meeting and could usually be found, at their gatherings, working with the Junior Friends group.

His enjoyment of working with young people carried over into work with local Boy Scouts. He showed, through his support of wider Quaker organizations and most especially through years of dedicated work with Habitat for Humanity, his care for all people everywhere.

David had a quiet sense of humor and loved a good joke. He also loved to tell tales about incidents and experiences from his past. People quickly came to realize that they could count on David to share his broad experience and knowledge as well as his physical abilities to help out wherever he could. Many have cause to thank him for this, – thanks that he never sought.

He will be sadly missed by the family of Pullman-Moscow Monthly Meeting.

Accepted by Pullman Moscow Monthly Meeting July 2 2017