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Memorials: Tacoma Friends Meeting

Alexes Shuman

Date of birth

March 3, 1949

Date of death

April 20, 2022


Tacoma Friends Meeting

Memorial minute

Alexes Adrienne Shuman (nee Marks), known to her friends and family as Lex.  Survived by her husband Ray, and sons Martin (wife Julie Ray Benson Shuman) and Benjamin (wife Jody and granddaughter Theodora).  Also survived by a brother, Robert (Bob) Marks and sister, Pam Levine.  Lex was born on March 3, 1949. She died April 20, 2022 from complications of Lewy Body Disease, a form of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alexes Marks began attending Tacoma Friends Meeting in the fall of 1980.  On June 2nd, 1983, Lex wrote a letter requesting membership as she “felt comfortable with the way in which Friends seek the light”, stating her readiness “to meet the responsibilities that come with membership.”  The Visitation Committee of Ruane and Howard Scott met at her home and recommended Alexes Marks be admitted to membership in the Religious Society of Friends. Tacoma Friends Meeting found unity in approving Lex’s membership second month, l983, during worship with attention to business.

 On 2/8/1986 Alexes wrote to LaVerne Harris, Clerk of Tacoma Friends Meeting, requesting to be married under the meetings care.  A marriage committee comprised of Ruane and Howard Scott, LaVerne Harris, and Carolyn Laskowski recommended that Ray Shuman and Alexes Marks be married according to the wishes at her brother Bob’s home. Tacoma Friends Meeting approved the report. The couple wrote and said their own vows to each other on fifth month, twenty-second day 1986 in the joyous company of family and Friends.

Lex served as treasurer and on Ministry and Counsel for Tacoma Friends Meeting She participated in North Pacific Quarterly Meeting children’s programs and adult activities.

Alexes volunteered her time to a local elementary school bringing science and art experiences to students who loved her.  Lex knew the children and upon finding out a boy wanted to play soccer, she went to the coach so that a scholarship plus needed gear made his dream come true. With pride she spoke to Veterans Groups and researchers about her father, Robert Adrian Marks, rescuing 56 crew members in the ocean after the WWII sinking of the USS Indianapolis.

Lex was a ground-breaker in being a trained watchmaker as a young woman in a field dominated by men. She worked at Ben Bridge Jewelers at the Tacoma mall.  She loved dogs, horses, flowers, gourmet cooking, and especially her husband Ray, sons, Ben and Marty and their spouses, and her granddaughter Theodora.

We are grateful for the love and care she gave to all as well as her release from pain and confusion. We carry Alexes in our hearts and memories.

Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Laskowski Ministry and Counsel Committee, Tacoma Friends Meeting In consultation with Kathryn Willard, Angie Alexander, and LaVerne Harris