Citizens Climate Lobby in Hawaii

The Peace and Social Concerns Committee of the Honolulu Meeting sponsors the Honolulu Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), which supports the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, nationally. CCL started in 2007 in San Diego, California, and has chapters all over the world (not just in the US).The local chapter has been involved with testimony on several actions proposed in the Honolulu City Council regarding climate change issues.

A recent presentation for CCL members noted that CCL is to climate change what Friends Committee on National Legislation is to disarmament: a solid, non-partisan organization of citizens focused on the issue and demonstrating to others how it can be addressed. Shortly after that presentation, Western Friend had an article about how a Quaker can be an activist and live out Quaker concerns. Not surprisingly, one step was to write a letter to the editor of the local paper about climate change and CCL.

Meetings of the Honolulu Chapter of CCL are held once a month at the Meetinghouse and all members and attenders at the Meeting are invited to attend.

from Chip Cox and Midi Cox, Honolulu Friends Meeting (12/1/2019)