Books to Review for Western Friend


If you would like to review any of the books below for Western Friend . . .

. . . Or if you would like to review any other books that you think "Friends Everywhere" should read . . . Let us know via the "Contact Us" tab above. . . Book reviews for Western Friend are generally about 600 words long. You would receive a complimentary copy of any book you chose to review.

We typically publish reviews that are approximately 600 words long and answer the questions: 1) What is this book about? 2) How did it strike you? and 3) Why should Friends care?

Various Authors, Quaker Quicks

A series of very short books (under 80 pages) on a range of concerns, including belief, pacifism, and money. (2019-2021)

Drew Lawson, Movings of Divine Love

Reflections on letters by John Woolman and his expressions of his love of God. (2020)

Jay Marshall, When the Spirit Calls

A resource for interpreting personal calls to ministry and a life of faithfulness, witness, and service. (2020)

Paul Lowance Niebanck, Begin Again

Forty-one stories from widely varied lifetime, with illustrations. (2020)

Bryan Drayton, On Living with a Concern for Gospel Ministry, Second Edition

A source of advice and encouragement for Friends with callings of vocal ministry and of service. (2019)