Books to Review for Western Friend


If you would like to review any of the books below for Western Friend . . .

. . . Or if you would like to review any other books that you think "Friends Everywhere" should read . . . Let us know via the "Contact Us" tab above. . . Book reviews for Western Friend are generally about 600 words long. You would receive a complimentary copy of any book you chose to review.

We typically publish reviews that are approximately 600 words long and answer the questions: 1) What is this book about? 2) How did it strike you? and 3) Why should Friends care?

Drew Lawson, Movings of Divine Love

Reflections on letters by John Woolman and his expressions of his love of God (2020)

Jay Marshall, When the Spirit Calls

A resource for interpreting personal calls to ministry and a life of faithfulness, witness, and service (2020)

Various Authors, Quaker Quicks

A series of very short books (under 80 pages) on a range of concerns, including belief, pacifism, and money (2019-2021)
Pick whichever title you'd like to review. So far, we've only covered Quakers Do What! Why? and That Clear and Certain Sound.