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Board of Directors

The board sets strategic direction for Western Friend and oversees the financial health of Friends Bulletin Corporation. Board members also actively engage with Friends throughout the three yearly meetings, to incorporate wisdom from many Friends when setting direction for Western Friend.

Public board documents
Board-member-only documents

As of May 14, 2023, the Board of Directors of Friends Bulletin Corporation is:

Nancy Wilkinson, Clerk
Strawberry Creek Meeting (PacYM)

Tom Head, Treasurer
Chico Friends Meeting (PacYM)

Steve Finger, Recording Clerk
Flagstaff Friends Meeting (IMYM)

Mary Hansen
Bellingham Friends Meeting (NPYM)

Lucretia Humphrey
Montana Gathering of Friends (NPYM)

Lanny Jay
Apple Seed Friends Meeting (PacYM)

Nancy Marshall
Phoenix Quaker Meeting (IMYM)

Jay Thatcher
Corvallis Friends Meeting (NPYM)

Molly Wingate
Colorado Springs Monthly Meeting (IMYM)