Playing Violent Games in Peace

In his recent article, “ISIS’s Call of Duty,” Jay Caspian Kang describes similarities between ISIS recruitment films and first-person-shooter games – similarities that are likely intentional (The New Yorker, September 18, 2014). Kang’s article is one of many that play into a larger debate about the role of violent videogames and other violent media in our culture.


Actions for Honduras

Dear Editor:  Friends want to know what to do about violence in Central America. I have lived in Honduras long enough to make some recommendations. Friends can ask the President and Congress to close the School of the Americas, to support House bill HR2989, to stop foreign “aid” that contributes to violence, and to support foreign aid that is positive.


Vicious Games

The boys of my neighborhood
dreamed of escaping middle Texas.
We wanted to see some exotic land,
such as Kansas or the Sooner State.
Simple rules seeped by osmosis
into our unformed brains.
At our most eloquent,
we said, “Fair is fair.”
We played vicious games:
no television, few radios,
no soccer, no Little League.

U.S. Combat Drones – Immoral and Illegal

Leah Bolger is a former National Board President of Veterans For Peace and continues to serve on the VFP board.  She is currently touring the U.S. to promote the work of VFP’s “Drones, Robots, and Future Weapons Working Group.”  Leah has worked with Quakers on many common causes over the years, and she spoke with Western Friend by phone on January 25, 2013.




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