social conflict

“Bulletin” and “Lincoln”

Bulletin from My Nursing Home

My world both shrinks and grows.
One day, a glorious god’s-ray
aimed directly at my heart; 
then a declining, dying Dodo.

Little brown birds peck on my deck.
A Flicker steals their seed.

Another country bombed by robots.
A man-god waves at cheering crowds.


That Spark of Connection

Back in the days of my Dark Night Journey, I worked hard to define what I meant by “spirit” and “spiritual.” What my reasoning mind came up with was an analogy: Just as our eyes are physical organs of sight, designed or evolved to detect certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, our spirits are as-yet-unidentified organs of relationship.


On Normality

Elizabeth Fry, the “Angel of Prisons,” would pray, “Oh Lord, may I be directed what to do and what to leave undone.” As it turned out, Fry had done quite a lot by the time her life ended in 1845 – prison reform, social reform, education reform, philanthropy – had done so much and so well that her portrait is now on the British £5 note. Fry was aware of her own growing notoriety in her day.

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