On Reconciliation

Dear Friends: Through no fault of our own, through no feat of our own, we’ve all been born into this juncture in history together. So many of us. Too many of us. Things keep getting more and more crowded around here. Even so, it seems impossibly hard at times to say goodbye to people.


New in the Western Friend Library, January 2015


Quaker Statement on Climate Change

Joint statement to the U.N. Climate Summit in September 2014 by Quaker Earthcare Witness, the Quaker United Nations Office, and Friends Committee on National Legislation. See:


A Much Larger Puzzle

Dear Friends: In its last issue, Western Friend published a letter to grandchildren everywhere talking about the environmental conditions we are leaving to our grandchildren. While I am grateful to WF for publishing that letter, I am concerned about editorial changes that were made that I was not given the opportunity to review before it went to press.


On This Earth

On this earth at daybreak
I step outside to find
that all the trees have hollows,
all the birds face east,
and the bells all swing
their open mouths into the sky.
Kling klang they shout!
The sound breaks out
of belfries, arcs its way
across the sky to fall
into the wild beastly trees that
sing along behind the leaves

If Animals Could Talk

When I was a child I loved the cuddliness and innocence of animals, and I wished they could talk. A grownup and activist now, I look for ways to use art to awaken our empathy with the natural world and to increase our climate-change consciousness. As an artist and writer, I know what fun it can be to combine pictures and text.



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