Multi-cultural relationships

Beyond Enemy Thinking

I want to start by distancing myself from the concept of objectivity, as any good feminist would – that is, I want to start by naming my point of view. I choose to focus on certain themes, movements, and social actors because I come from a working class background in the United States. I began developing an anarchist, anti-capitalist philosophy at an early age.


Spring Service Learning Camp

Dear Friends, especially Friends ages 12-18: You are invited to attend our Spring Youth Service Learning Camp at Quaker Oaks Farm in Visalia, CA, from April 10-14, 2017 (Monday – Friday). Come explore and learn about the Land, Water, and Indigenous People of Pa’an. We will trace the source of our water upstream and consider how we can all be Water Protectors.


Four Poems

First Day School

We gather the children,
the tender and shy, the mischievous,
lead them to a jagged beach to find
their treasures of stillness
while their own parents settle into
the meetinghouse to gather
Light. We let the children wander
between piers, time dissolving
into moistness. One boy with purple
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