Normality is Ever Changing

Dear Editor: Normality is an ever-changing reality. As we go through life, our perspective of what is normal changes and evolves. Everyone’s family, work, and religious backgrounds are not the same. It’s all from a different view depending on the person.


Alternative Realities

I met Rachel Heisham Bieri in Missoula, Montana, four months after she had been given a terminal cancer diagnosis. She was forty-five then, only fifteen years older than I was, though she was already a grandmother. Doctors had given her two months to live.

We met through a Facebook hiking group and built a friendship based on outdoor adventures and a shared love of barefoot hiking.


The Dreamer

To dream
Is to stand at the Gate of Creation,
arms akimbo, one foot planted firmly
at the Edge of Eternity.
The other foot solidly moored
In the Patterns of Reality.
Your body humming with the Eternal Dichotomy of advancement
and retreat as one’s life proceeds
to the warm, unknowable embrace of non-being.

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