Share your Light

If you would like to share your Light with "Friends Everywhere" . . .

. . . consider writing for Western Friend . . . and/or . . .

. . . consider sharing your Light with Western Friend readers through any other medium – drawing, photography, music, video, etc.

We provide active editorial support to authors polishing their works for publication in our magazine. We also publish works in our online library pretty much as we receive them, with virtually no editorial changes.

For articles published in our magazine, we focus on topics of interest to both Quaker newcomers and "seasoned Friends." Submitted manuscripts for print publication should be approximately 600, 1300, or 1900 words.

For articles published in our online library, we accept works on virtually any topic that is relevant to Western Friend's mission of strengthening Quakerism in the West. Works published in our online library can be of any length.

Let us know if you would like to contribute writing, art, photography, etc. to one of the upcoming issues of Western Friend, which will be organized around the following themes:

  • Sept / Oct 2017 – On Home  (Still accepting manuscripts for online publication.)
  • Nov / Dec 2017 – On Garbage  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 10/1/17)
  • Jan / Feb 2018 – On Captivity  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 12/1/17)
  • Mar / Apr 2018 – On Music  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 121/18)
  • May / June 2018 – On Expansion  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 4/1/18)
  • July / Aug 2018 – On Bosses  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 6/1/18)
  • Sept / Oct 2018 – On Children  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 8/1/18)
  • Nov / Dec 2018 – On Shopping  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 10/1/18)
  • We accept manuscripts for online publication at any time.

Use the "Contact Us" form above to let us know about your ideas.