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Healing Collective Trauma

Dear Friends: After I received the Sept/Oct 2023 issue of Western Friend, “On Healers,” I read the book, Healing Collective Trauma by Thomas Huebl.

On Seeds (November 2023)

Healing Trauma in Community (abridged) This article is excerpted from an address to the 2023 Annual Sessions of Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. The original is published at: https://westernfriend.org/media/healing-trauma-community-unabridged

On Healers (August 2023)

On Media Immersed in stories as humans are – print, radio, television, internet, social media, interactive gaming, virtual reality – we can easily lose sight of truth. Especially when a story fills our imagination with images we dearly want to believe in, we can feel reluctant to break the story’s spell.

On Media (September 2016)