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Little People Dear Editor:  We were excited to see your photos on the front and back covers of the new Western Friend (Sept/Oct 2015), showing the little Fisher Price people. Our grandson, who will be two in November, LOVES the ones that belonged to our son, his father. Recently, he put them facing each other and turned to us explaining, “Talking.” The next week, when I played a CD of a singer we’d heard at the Farmers Market, he lined them up to listen. Many of them represent us! In your photos, the one in the cap is his “Dada.” This is all done with no input from us, and we find it amazing and wonderful. Here’s a pic of Zander’s arrangement of his “people” listening. Cheers for play!

On Money (November 2015)

A Little Book of Unknowing – Review This “little book” is a high-level survey of a very big subject. As such, it will leave most readers wanting more. Fortunately, the book’s strong organization and its wealth of source materials combine to make it into a solid guide for readers who want to locate in-depth works on “knowing” and “unknowing” by a broad range of great minds, including Rumi, Thomas Kelly, and Matthew Fox.

On Knowing (March 2015)

Beautiful Article about Minding the Earth Dear Editor: “A New Story for Earth” by Mary Ann Percy, in the November/December issue, is one of the best articles that I have ever read. I happened to read it right after our meeting held our second-hour discussion one First Day, concerning what each of us can do to be more mindful of the earth (and promised to try). I think we might discuss this article in another second hour soon. It ties a lot of big questions and big concepts together really well, and it is beautifully written.

On Mediation (January 2020)