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Nayler and Fox Dear Editor: It was good to see your piece on James Nayler in “Pages for All Ages.” Friends today do not always recognize that in the first years of the Quaker movement, Nayler was as important a preacher and as central to the movement as George Fox himself, certainly in the eyes of many London Friends.

On Reconciliation (January 2015)

Pushing at the Frontiers of Change - Review Pushing at the Frontiers of Change: a Memoir of Quaker Involvements with Homosexuality by David Blamires

On Love (September 2013)

Vanguard SOS Dear Friends: I encourage you to learn about the remarkable “Vanguard SOS” campaign, organized by a coalition of which Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) is a member.

On Science (November 2022)