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First Day Fun

Dear Editor: I am so enjoying the kids’ section in Western Friend.  It has gotten me through more than one First Day School, and with the variety of ages in our program it’s a very big help.  I can’t wait to do the race at Easter, where everyone tries to race to the rope at the same time for a picture!

On Needs (May 2015)

First Day School Lesson Plans

Dear Editor: As I have said before, I love the “Pages for All Ages.” Reading all the themes that you have planned in the months ahead (money, beginning, limits, etc.), this one comes to mind for me: “First Day School Lesson Plans.” I am sending you a few that I have developed, which you can share with other Friends, and I’ll share more with you soon. I have this fantasy that if we are prepared, children will show up!

On Difference (July 2015)

International Friends School

The International Friends School (IFS) has a guiding spirit. This spirt teaches us, ultimately, that consistent renewals of joyfulness and love provide the sturdiest framework for everything we will experience in life. The smallest acts of love and joy – pulling beets, helping someone after a bike scrape, hanging towels to dry in the sun with a friend – are meaningful. Together with other gestures, behaviors, and practices, these have the power to change the world, as they multiply and create a generation of people who are world-wise and heart-strong. This spirit is evident every day at IFS, a dynamic new school that is intentional in design, molded by Quaker testimonies and practices, and braided gently together by love and joy.

On Teachers (September 2020)

Faith Questions First

Dear Editor: I just came home from our Midyear

On Limits (May 2016)