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Faith Like a River

Prayer is conversation, not a monologue.

On Prayer (March 2024)

Feeding People in Gaza

I began my work in the Middle East in 1990 with a New York Times op-ed, “Small Lights in the Darkness.”

On Division (January 2024)

A Pocketful of Seeds

I was born,

in Winter,

with a pocketful of seeds,

beans and basil,

onions and peas.

On Seeds (November 2023)

A Quaker Rosary

My father describes himself as “ethnically Catholic” and on every official document lists his religion as “COSMIC.”

On Seeds (November 2023)

Kwaker Kaffeeklatsch

Quaker Worship and Fellowship Online

Kwaker Kaffeeklatsch (Quaker Coffee Klatch), …

Wednesday Bible Study

Quaker Worship and Fellowship Online

Online Bible Study hosted by …