Ted Talbott

Date(s) of birth and/or death approximate

Date of Birth

July 1st, 1944

Date of Death

February 1st, 2010

Memorial Meeting

Honolulu Friends Meeting


Theodore Oral Talbott was born in July 1944 to Pearl Dudley Talbott and Oral Talbott in Portland, Oregon, where he attended Benson High School and graduated from Portland State with a Bachelor’s degree in anthropology. Afterward he traveled to Europe and taught English in Barcelona, Spain for six months. From there he managed to work on the cruise ship Lurline as a scullion traveling from the U.S. west coast to Hawai’i and back.

He moved to Hawai’i to work in a pizza parlor for a time then enrolled himself in Habilitat, a residential drug treatment program. When he completed the program he became a lobbyist for Habilitat to the Hawai’i State Legislature. It was at Habilitat he met a speaker who inspired him to become a C.P.A. So, he went back to school, and he also began his formal spiritual journey starting with Transcendental Meditation, then e.s.t. It was in e.s.t. that he met Alice, fell in love, married, and shared the rest of his life with her. After he became a C.P.A., Ted soon started a practice in Kaneohe and wrote tax advice for the Honolulu Advertiser during tax season.

Ted and Alice taught Sunday school and became deacons in a Lutheran church for many years. After they left the church they discovered and joined Honolulu Friends Meeting. There Ted served on the Finance, Library, Nominating, Worship & Ministry, and Oversight & Counsel Committees. He also served outside his religious community by sitting on the State Board of Tax Review under both of Governor John Waihee’s administrations; and on the boards of the Protection and Advocacy Agency of Hawai’i ; Kahalu’u Neighborhood; Key Project; Friends of Hawai’i State Hospital; Angel Network Charities; Winners Camp; Hawai’i Home-stay; HSCPA Small Business Association; and Friendship Gardens. His personal exercise program included blazing a trail in Friendship Gardens over a twenty-year period.

He leaves behind his wife Alice, three children Kevin and Donna Gatewood, and Karen Bush; five grandchildren Westly, Sasha, Jade, Albert Jerome, and Trinity; as well as his brother, David Talbott.

Ted was very sensitive to the suffering of others and often opened his home to those who needed a place to stay for a while. He loved having an “open house” on New Year’s Day where he personally cooked breakfast for all who entered. He was quick to offer help or a solution to problems of friends and family. He often would say that what he did he did for himself because he felt, “Blessed to be a blessing”. He was known for his active and lively sense of humor, and his tag line at the end of his numerous e-mails was a line he paraphrased from T.H. Thompson, “Be kinder than necessary for everyone is in some kind of struggle.”

Ted died in February 2012 at his home in Kaneohe with his family present.