Lorie Dodge Leininger

Date of Birth

August 9th, 1926

Date of Death

July 29th, 2016

Memorial Meeting

Honolulu Friends Meeting


Lorie was born in Vienna of a Hungarian father and Austrian mother. She had what she described as a difficult childhood due to her father leaving when she was young. In the large family in which she grew up, discipline was strict, but Lorie was always a critical thinker and not a "follow the commands" type of individual. At a young age the family moved to Milan, Italy, so Lorie spoke Italian as her primary language. Her German became limited to music, chiefly opera. The family immigrated to America and had a lovely home with a cherry tree in New Jersey. They had help in the home including a maid, butler and cook, so Lorie always stood up for immigrants, who were frequently considered all to be poor refugees. As a member of a devout Catholic family with some relatives in a monastery, Lorie was surprised when, at age 25, she discovered that on her birth certificate she was listed as Jewish. Lorie had a lifetime of learning and studied with a scholarship at Cooper Union Art School. She also studied at UC Berkeley and University of Chicago, to name a few schools. Her parents taught her to appreciate art, music, and continual learning.

She had a long time love of teaching that started at age eleven when she held Italian classes for her neighborhood friends. She would teach kindergarten and elementary age children, all the way to freshman English at Amherst.

At a demonstration/political rally at UC Berkeley, Lorie met a woman who affected her life because she was convinced that the answer to all world problems is love. This lady was truly trying to live this in her life. When Lorie inquired how she believed and practiced this, the woman said she came from a long line of Quakers. Lorie joined the Religious Society of Friends Mt. Toby Meeting on Oct. 11, 1979, and has been strongly involved with Quakers ever since. She transferred her membership to Honolulu Friends Meeting on September 18, 1998.

Going to jail for 10 days for her peace beliefs, she also used her artistic talents to construct political banners from Massachusetts to Philadelphia and Washington DC. Her wood block prints even made their way to Vietnam.

Lorie was a rather sickly child and almost died from pneumonia when quite young. Her health is one reason she moved from Amherst, MA , after living there for 30 years. She and Fred Dodge, her brother, felt moving to Hawai'i where he lived would get her out of the harsh winters and spring and summer allergies. He told her this was a good move and that she would live longer and healthier in Hawai'i. Lorie always felt at home at Honolulu Friends Meeting where she was a valuable and revered Friend. Her other great interest in town was the Honolulu Academy of Art, where she volunteered as a docent. She was intimately involved there and flourished in the artistic world. Her writings included a short book on the history of witches.

Lorie is survived by a daughter, two sons, one grandson, her brother, Fred Dodge, and many nieces and nephews. Lorie will be missed and HFM has lost a valuable member.