June Taulbee

Date of Birth

June 24th, 1913

Date of Death

June 29th, 1996

Memorial Meeting

Palo Alto Friends Meeting


When June Taulbee came to Palo Alto Meeting, she found the library in need of better organization.  When she became actively involved with the Library Committee there was not a good numbering system in place.  Although June had no formal library training, she saw that we had a problem and decided to solve it.  She bought several guides to the Dewey Decimal System and grasped the principles of that system.  From then on, the library was in good order and books easily accessible. 

June setup the first computerized record system for our Meeting.  In about 1983, June and her daughter designed a library database on a Macintosh computer.  That system which is still in use today organizes over 1000 books for easy reference. Although June severed for several years on the Oversight Committee, the library was most dear to her heart.  Friends will remember with fond smiles, her frequent pleas for books to be returned.

June died June 29, 1996 only a few days after quietly celebrating her 83rd birthday with her daughter.  She was born June Meek on June 24, 1913 in Grand Valley, Texas County, Oklahoma.  She studied journalism and english at Friends University in Whichita, Kansas and graduated with a B.A. magna cum laude.  She married Preston Lamberson Taulbee on August 8, 1936.  There were three children: Zoe Anna Taulbee, the oldest, Laura Lane, and Milton James Taulbee, the youngest.  Preston preferred that June not work outside of the home and thus June did not pursue a career.

Soon after they were married June and Preston moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where Preston took graduate courses and where Zoe was born. During this time June and Preston became members of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting.   After two years in Ann Arbor, Preston, June and Zoe moved to New London, Connecticut where Preston enlisted in the Coast Guard.  Preston's family background was in the military, a fact which occasionally gave June discomfort.  Laura was born while they lived in New London.  After the War, they moved to California where Milton was born in 1949.  June transferred her membership to the Palo Alto Meeting on May 24, 1963 and Preston transferred his membership several years later.

In the mid-1980s, June moved to the Mountain View Garden Homes complex where she served on the Rules Committee of the Homeowners Association.  She also wrote the association newsletter for many years.

June  suffered two tragic losses.  Preston died in 1982 and Milton a year later.  When June herself had a slight stroke several years ago, she told women who met weekly on Friday mornings that she had felt reluctant to come back to life after feeling a sense of warmth, peace and happiness she had experienced.  She was ready and well prepared for death.  Her ashes will be scattered along with those of Preston and Milton. She often commented that Friends don't think about death enough. Now she has forced us to do so.

June will be long remembered for her many contributions to the Palo Alto Friends Meeting.  She participated in many discussions and whenever she was moved to speak in Meeting, her ministry always seemed to help us reach for deeper truths.

June is survived by her two daughters, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.