Judith Ann Sakrison

Date(s) of birth and/or death approximate

Date of Birth

January 1st, 1952

Date of Death

June 25th, 2017

Memorial Meeting

La Jolla Friends Meeting


Judith Ann Sakrison, known to family and childhood friends as Judy, and to most of her friends as Juda, was born in 1952 in Madison, Wisconsin, to Margaret McIntyre and Robert Sakrison, childhood friends who married in 1940, just before Robert left for Europe to serve as a pilot in the Army Air Corps.  Juda was the last of three children born to the couple during this time.  Robert worked in the family restaurant while Margaret stayed home to raise the children, Jeanie, David and Judy.  The marriage was not to last however, and they divorced in 1956.  Juda’s father remarried and produced three more children, Brenda, Barbara, and Bruce.  Juda reminisced, with smiles on her face, about visiting her father at Peppermint Park, the tiny amusement park he opened in 1960 near Madison.

In 196O, Margaret was remarried to Ronald Mattox, a widower with four older children, Marcia, Liz, Jeremy and Jeff, providing, all at once, another set of step brothers and sisters, and a large country home overlooking a lake.  Of Ronald’s children, only Jeff lived in the bucolic Willow Lane house at the same time as the Sakrison children.

In 1967, Juda visited the farm of a friend, where Peace Corps volunteers were being trained, where she met David Loy, one of the volunteers.  They corresponded during his service in India, and she visited him in Berkeley when she was a student at Reed College.  She returned home without a degree, but soon returned to live with David, who became known as Gareth, in Haight-Ashbury.  They lived with their cats, brewed beer and wine in their kitchen, Gareth studying and fixing their old VW bus, while Juda made their clothes, and sewed leather goods which she sold at farmers markets in the area.  When Gareth began his doctoral studies at Stanford, they married, moved to Palo Alto, and Juda became pregnant with Morgan, who was born in May of 1979.  The family moved to Cardiff when Gareth accepted a job at UCSD, and Greta was born in November of 1983.  The family had joined La Jolla Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends, and Greta attended Meeting straight from the hospital on her first day of life!

Juda settled into life in North County, at Sandy Hill Pre-School, the Alternative Program at Skyline School, Quaker Meeting, and a rollicking group of friends who met many a Saturday evening to sing and play into the night while their children caroused in the dark.  She continued, as she did all her life, other creative activities as well, sewing clothes, drawing, painting, doing mosaics and other crafts, for her own house and as gifts to her friends.  She took the art of Halloween costumes to new heights, for herself and for her children.

During this time, the marriage grew difficult and, unable to reconcile, Juda and Gareth ended their marriage.  

Juda settled into a new life.  As her children entered adulthood, she returned to school and completed a long-delayed bachelor’s degree in life science at San Diego State University.  At this time she met Dave Allen, who was to become her partner for the next 23 years, over music and dance.  She eagerly began studying lichens for her M.S. degree, but illness intervened.  She was stricken with rheumatoid arthritis, enjoyed a long remission, and was later diagnosed with the Sjogren’s Syndrome that eventually carried her away.

Juda moved into a little house in Leucadia, her relationship with Dave grew, and he continued to bring music and love to their life together until the very end.  When the landlord wanted the little house in Leucadia back, she moved into a house she shared with Winnie Sunshine, Jim Summers, and a varied cast of folks who also stayed there at times, including Greta and Dave.  She helped make it a loving and nourishing household to many.  

Juda continued to read voraciously, as she always had, and worked in a bookstore for several years, building a following of readers who asked for her advice.  She also continued sewing and doing other crafts.  Just before her last decline, Juda and Dave moved into an apartment of their own, together alone for her last seven months.

Juda was a member of La Jolla Monthly Meeting for over 40 years.  She was an active member of Meeting before her illness prevented her from attending.  She served as clerk on Ministry and Oversight and was on several other committees.  Even when unable to participate in worship, Juda continued to be an active part of the community through communicating on the list-serve and occasionally attending a worship sharing group in her area.   

Juda was taken to the hospital in June of 2017, where she lingered, failing in body but clear of mind, and loving and calm of heart.  Her closest friends and family visited over several days, spoke with her, sang to her and said good-bye.  She was loving and calm to the end, dying quietly in the small hours of the morning on June 25, 2017.  She loved and is loved.