Jesse Edward Bee III

Date of Birth

January 3rd, 1997

Date of Death

November 8th, 2017

Memorial Meeting

Bellingham Friends Meeting


Born to Joan Birdell Bee and Antoine Ray Bose on January 3rd 1997 in Tucson AZ at 2:39 PM. He was beloved by his parents, Grandfather Jesse Edward Bee II, Grandmother Kim Bee (by marriage), Memere Ann Bee (maternal grandmother), Aunt Jackie Bee, Aunt Jessica Bee, and all who met him. His younger siblings include (in order of birth): Josiah, Julian, Mariah, Winter, Lincoln, and Evangeline.

He grew up in Tucson AZ until 2004, with a few brief stints to live in Massachusetts and Washington State with his mother and younger sibling(s). In 2004 he went to live with Memere Ann and her wife Buzz Hicks in North Ft Myers. His siblings Josiah and Julian also moved to Florida with him. He loved watching movies and going out to eat with with his Florida family. Bike riding, reading, playing video games, and church were also among his most enjoyed activities. After a little over a year he went back to Tucson with his mom, brothers and new baby sister Winter. In 2005 he and Josiah moved back to his Florida family while Julian and Winter went to Washington State to join their Aunt Jessica Bee and Uncle Brian Wiese’s family.

Jesse spent time at a boys ranch while in Florida and eventually also joined Julian and Winter in Washington in 2008 just a few weeks before his 12th birthday. Jesse arrived during blizzard conditions which allowed him to discover the joy of sledding soon after arrival. He was homeschooled and attended Mt Baker Academy taking violin and guitar. He spent time with his Washington family attending Bellingham Friends Meeting and several PNW Quarterly weekends, as well as family camping, going on water slides, swimming, hiking and exploring the beaches and natural places of the pacific northwest. One of his favorite activities was to write stories about animals. He also loved walking and telling fantastical stories with his siblings and cousins who he considered his brothers and sister: Sebastian, Lily, and Transcendance. All were delighted by his excellent storytelling!

In 2012 at the age of fifteen Jesse entered Washington state care, living in the Seattle area but kept a close connection with his heart parents, Aunt Jessica and Uncle Brian, with several visits each year to go to the movies, eat out, explore interests and connect. At age 18 he performed in a public concert with Trackademics to sing and dance. He continued to pursue music  throughout his whole life recording 17 tracks on soundcloud under the pseudonym Beezo Banz. He shared his love, great sense of humor and care for the world through his art, helping his friends and family where and when he could. His highest calling was to listen, offer support, work on mistakes to make things right, and share what he had to give, generously.

On November 8th 2017 Jesse passed in his sleep. He is survived and deeply missed by his birth parents Joan Bee, Antoine Bose, Grandparents, siblings Josiah, Julian, Mariah, Winter, Lincoln and Evangeline, his girlfriend, Daniela Espinoza Duarte, ‎as well as his heart parents Jessica Bee and Brian Wiese and his heart siblings Sebastian, Lily, and Transcendance.