Jane Alexandra Barnard

Date(s) of birth and/or death approximate

Date of Birth

January 1st, 1930

Date of Death

March 7th, 2019

Memorial Meeting

Las Cruces Quakers


Jane Alexandra Barnard passed March 7, 2019, she was a vital part of three monthly meetings; Tempe, Eugene and Las Cruces. 

Jane was born Jane Alexandra Armell in Sioux City, Iowa. She grew up in Las Cruces and attended college at NMSU where she met and married Bob Barnard. She was always grateful for the opportunity of growing up in Las Cruces and being exposed to the university at an early age. She actually started school at the university at 3 in the preschool. Bob and Jane moved to El Paso, then Albuquerque, then Montrose and then on to Tempe. They had three children – Kathryn, Anne and Rob. 

In 1993 she became a member of Tempe Friends Meeting. She participated on the committee that revised the Faith and Practices version we have today. 

Jane went to University of Arizona to get an MLS degree in Library Science. While attending meeting at Tempe she served on a number of Committees including: Ministry and Counsel, the Meetinghouse Corporation, Adult Religious Education and as a Worship sharing leader. 

They moved to Eugene, Oregon where Jane served as clerk. She also served on a number of committees at NPYM. 

In 2015 Bob and Jane moved to Las Cruces. Their presence was welcomed by Las Cruces Friends. Jane played viola in the community orchestra and also volunteered at CASA working as a court advocate for young people. She served on the meeting’s library committee and bought a joyful presence to meeting for worship. She especially enjoyed when children attended. In 2017 she was diagnosed with ALS, she met this challenge with fortitude and humor. She is greatly missed by Las Cruces Friends.