Gregory Thompson

Date of Birth

July 17th, 1949

Date of Death

October 25th, 2011

Memorial Meeting

Multnomah Friends Meeting


Greg Thompson was born to Rosemary Lapham Berleman and Leslie Thompson in Portland Oregon in 1949.  After his parents separated Greg spent time in foster care and then when his mother married William Berleman the family moved to Seattle.  He has 2 half sisters, Kaija and Mara Berleman who were born when Greg was a teenager.  After High School graduation he spent a year in California with his biological father and stepmother, Shirley.  He then returned to Seattle, attended U of W and earned a degree in History, and later obtained a Masters in Educational Counseling from Lewis and Clark College.

Greg found Quakers through a friend while in high school, and was active in the Junior Friends Program and the adult meeting.  He joined the Mar Loma Monthly Meeting while in California, and then transferred his membership to University Meeting when he returned to Seattle.  Later while in Portland he transferred his membership to Multnomah Meeting.  Over the years Greg served Friends at both the local and Yearly Meeting levels.  As a young adult he was the coordinator for the NPYM Children’s program for several years and also worked with the Junior Friends.  Shortly after moving to Portland he was the recording clerk for Multnomah Meeting.

In 1973 he married Janet Jump under the joint care of University Meeting and Multnomah Meeting.  After a brief time in Seattle the couple moved to Portland.  After graduate school Greg worked for Portland Public Schools as a school counselor at the Middle and High School levels.  Ethan was born in 1982 and Rachel in 1986.  As part of his “coming out” and finding himself Janet and Greg were divorced in 1999. He found companionship with Doug Michaels from 2003 to 2010 when he moved to England to be with Mark Jordan. In England he reconnected with Friends and attended a local meeting in Canterbury.   

In the spring of 2011 Greg with diagnosed with cancer in his kidney. He died in England on October 23, 2011 of liver failure related to his cancer.

Friends memorial services were held in both England and in Portland.