Daniel Levinson

Date of Birth

April 23rd, 1926

Date of Death

July 26th, 2017

Memorial Meeting

Tempe Friends Meeting


Daniel Levinson was born on Fourth month 23rd, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois. He died on Seventh month 26th, 2017 in Tempe Arizona. Dan’s father was a lawyer and a rabbi. Dan received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Chicago. While doing his residency in Seattle, Dan was introduced by his mentor to Howard Brinton – author of Friends for 300 Years.

Dan moved to Tucson Arizona for a teaching position at the University of Arizona Medical School. Initially he taught Family and Community Medicine and later Psychiatry. He also directed a mental health clinic in Tucson while on the University of Arizona faculty. He co- founded the Committee for the Study of Peace and Conflict Resolution, and he directed an outstanding conference on peace education. Dan began attending Pima Friends Meeting in Tucson. In 1981 he applied for and was accepted into membership. Friends of Pima Meeting remember him with affection. Dan served on committees for Adult Education, Hospitality, and Ministry and Oversight. He also worked to offer help in supplying special needs, by setting up a pilot project called Support Services Network. He will always be remembered for his caring and compassion.

In 2006 Dan and his wife Ellen moved to Tempe, and Dan applied to transfer his membership to Tempe Monthly Meeting. It was accepted by Tempe Monthly Meeting in 2006. At Tempe he sought to continue service to Friends as a counselor for those who asked for assistance. Friends in the Meeting remember his doing this with great appreciation. Dan’s view of Quakerism focused on service, where the Light he held greeted the Light in the other. His use of Quaker principles was sacrificial in so far as it involved caring for others, and helping others. Dan struggled with walking cheerfully despite his commitment to Quaker awareness of the divine Spark in all persons. The diminishment of age was not kind to Dan, and Friends in Tempe meeting grieve that they did not do more to reciprocate his service.

Aside from Howard Brinton, Dan found meaningful Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. Among his papers was a 1981 Friends Journal piece titled “An 18th Century Jewish View of Quakers,” and also from the Institute of General Semantics, “Flaws,” a story about a water bearer with a pot which was cracked. The pot told the water bearer he was ashamed of losing so much water. The water bearer replied that where the water fell he planted flowers which are picked and beautify the house. Dan read many biographies and shared information with others about these books, such as the biography of President Herbert Hoover. Dan was a faithful follower of the PBS News Hour.

Dan is survived by his first wife Virginia, a son David, a daughter Miriam, a stepson Gilbert, and his second wife Ellen.