Daisy Cargill

Date of Birth

February 18th, 1912

Date of Death

November 4th, 2011

Memorial Meeting

Multnomah Friends Meeting


Daisy Cargill died November 4, 2011, three months before her 100th birthday.  Daisy Knight was the fourth youngest of eleven children and the last to die.  Her mother, Ella Williams Knight, died of influenza when Daisy was five.  Her father, Walter Knight, raised his large family by himself.  When she was 17 years old Daisy moved to Oklahoma to live with her sister. There it was that she witnessed the suffering caused by the Dust Bowl.  Thus two epic events changed her life profoundly:  the influenza pandemic of 1917 that took her mother’s life and direct experience of the dust bowl.  Daisy met Ira Cargill at a baseball game and they married in 1941. In 1953 they moved to Portland where Daisy worked as a bookkeeper.  After 56 years of marriage, Ira died in 1997.  After that, Daisy’s only daughter, Linda Cargill, took care of her.  Throughout her life, Daisy loved entertaining, arranging flowers, praying, and cooking and eating a good meal.

A life-long Baptist, Daisy followed Linda into the Quaker community and in 1999 became an active participant in the Religious Society of Friends.   Linda had been coming to Multnomah Friends Meeting since 1991, when she was marching in protest to the Gulf War.  She was inspired by Multnomah member, Winnie Frances, who exemplified Quaker values of speaking truth to power and nonviolent resistance. Open hearted, outgoing, and loving, Daisy reached out to people wherever she went.

Daisy is survived by her daughter, Linda Cargill of Portland and many nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews, and dear friends.  Multnomah Meeting held two memorial services for her, at the graveside on November 12, and at the Meetinghouse on December 4, 2011.