Adrienne Flowers

Date(s) of birth and/or death approximate

Date of Birth

January 1st, 1935

Date of Death

December 12th, 2020

Memorial Meeting

Apple Seed Friends Meeting


Adrienne was born in 1935 in San Diego, CA, to William and Lois Baumbaugh. As a child, she enjoyed many trips to Santa Rosa, California, where she had grandparents. She was struck by how verdant was Northern California, as compared to San Diego. She was brought up in the Lutheran faith, and her first marriage was within that church. She raised a family in San Jose, California. Her two daughters remain in the nearby Santa Cruz area.

She first became aware of Friends practice of worship in silence while working on a project for the American Friends Service Committee on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Returning to San Jose, she fell in love with Ed Flowers; at his invitation, she began attending San Jose Friends Meeting.

About 1981, Adrienne and Ed moved to Sonoma County where she took a job as school nurse for the Sonoma County Office of Education. In that position, she worked with 3-5 year olds, saying: “all cute.”  “I really do love this great, fulfilling, fun job and feel blessed to have it.” Adrienne also enjoyed singing, gardening, science and astronomy.  

Adrienne made her application to become a member of Redwood Forest Friends Meeting in April of 1984, which was about the same time she and Ed were married under the care of that Meeting.

When Apple Seed became a meeting in February of 1995, Adrienne and Ed transferred their membership; she and Ed were very much among our founding members. She attended Apple Seed faithfully, and served on both Ministry & Oversight, as well as on the hospitality and the newsletter committees. In 1997, she declared a secret passion for watercolor painting saying: “I LOVE painting. Not as much as I love Ed or my son and daughters, but pretty much up there.”

Adrienne was dedicated to meeting the needs of the community she served. She was a long-time volunteer with the Starcross Community, and was also a volunteer at the Sebastopol Inter-Church food pantry.

In her service as a school nurse, she found children in circumstances of poverty, children whose parents simply couldn’t prioritize things like new socks & underwear, or home-purchased school supplies over the cost of food and rent in our county. In support of her ministry to children, Apple Seed set up a fund to help meet some of those costs, when she purchased things for her charges. She continued to try to identify local children in need, even into her retirement.

Adrienne’s later years were marked by a slow, but steady decline into dementia. Eventually, she moved from the home she shared with Ed into memory care, first here in Sonoma County, then after evacuation of the Tubbs fire in 2017, to Aptos, near her children and their families.  Adrienne passed away quietly early Saturday morning of December 26, 2020.

In summation, a Friend declared: “She was one of the most loving and understanding people I've ever had the blessings to know.  Her paintings were wonderful.”  Another remembered: “... how sweet she was. A real joy to be with.”