WF Podcast Twelve – Bridget Moix Keynote

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Episode 12 of the Western Friend Podcast features the keynote talk that Bridget Moix delivered to Intermountain Yearly Meeting in 2019. At that time, she was the U.S. Senior representative of the organization Peace Direct. In 2022, she became General Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation. The theme of this keynote talk is: "Faith, Fear, and Our Future."

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00          Introduction

1:37          Keynote begins

4:10          The power of local action

6:43          A little background on the keynote

9:20          To bring light into the world, we must first face the darkness

14:13        Courage is a group process

19:58        Fear gets its power by isolating us

22:30        The head, the hands, and the heart

25:14        A story from Lebanon and Syria

31:47        We are the ocean of light

43:05        The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion work

43:30        Three requests of the audience

47:26        The Remix with the Soul Force Ones

47:38        Reflecting on the notion of "love connections"

50:02        Reflecting on "courage" and "love" as group processes

52:28        Reflecting on a text message and the importance of acting locally

58:32        Spirituality and finding purpose in our work

1:01:38     What do we do when we feel like we're not doing enough?

1:05:05     Outro


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