WF Podcast Thirteen – Carl Magruder Keynote

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Episode 13 of the Western Friend Podcast features the keynote talk that Carl Magruder delivered to North Pacific Yearly Meeting in 2022. Carl is a palliative care chaplain with an M.A. in Divinity. He is a member of Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting in Pacific Yearly Meeting. The title of this talk is "Deep Hope in Optimystical Times."

Click here to read an abridged transcript of this talk – (to come in early September).

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to the complete podcast.

The “chapters” in this podcast are:

00:00:00         Introduction

00:01:04         Keynote begins (Sadly, sound quality is less then ideal.)

01:20:30         Keynote ends and interview begins (Sound quality is good.)

01:57:50         Outro


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