WF Podcast One – José Santos Woss Keynote

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Podcast production of the powerful keynote address that José Santos Woss presented to Intermountain Yearly Meeting in June 2021. José Santos Woss is the Director of Justice Reform for Friends Committee on National Legislation. Following the keynote, Jon Stoll and colin cole, the podcast producers from Soul Force Ones, discuss the keynote.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00           Introduction

1:45           José's identities and background

13:06          Anti-Blackness and Dominican history

19:25          José's family's journey

22:52          Questions for reflection

23:59          José's faith and journey

37:57          José and FCNL's anti-racism work

1:04:14       Reflection with Jon and colin

1:26:41       Outro


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