WF Podcast Five – Alvarado and Jiltonilro Keynotes

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Episode 5 of our Western Friend Podcast brings you the poetic keynotes that Gabriela Portillo Alvarado and Avotcja Jitonilro presented at the Pacific Yearly Meeting annual session on July 24, 2021

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

0:00      Introduction
1:12      Background on Gabriela Portillo Alvarado
1:29      Gabriela on Writing Poetry
2:31       Poem: Estoy furiosa
3:14       Poem: It pains me
4:42       Poem: The Morton Collection
12:56     Poem: Worship on a mass grave
15:55     Poem: A form of justice
21:38     Poem: A map is a proposition
25:42     Poem: So you let it slip away
31:22     Background on Avotcja Jiltonilro
33:10     Poem: Still paying the price
39:13     Poem: Duro como una piedra
42:14     Poem: Solid as a rock
46:11     Poem: In the silence
52:58     Poem: Children of the night/ Pa los chiquititos de la noche
57:19     Poem: I know we can
1:02:44  Poem: Never alone
1:05:37   The Remix with Jon and colin
1:19:11    Outro


WF Podcast Five - Poetry for Justice

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