WF Podcast Fifteen – Julie Harlow on Friends House Moscow

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Episode 15 of the Western Friend Podcast features an interview with Julie Harlow of Davis Friends Meeting and one of the founders of Friends House Moscow. Julie talks about the history of Friends House Moscow and the importance of its work during wartime.

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The “chapters” in this podcast are:

00:00          Introduction

01:07          Julie's connection to the Moscow House

08:41          On hope and action

12:42          On her pupils and the classroom

16:21          Cultural differences on the subway

23:08          On prayer in community

25:12          Julie's vision/calling

32:07          Maintaining peace amidst war

41:06          Q&A - Does she fear retaliation?

45:33          Story: Police coming to the door

52:25          Q&A: On difference within Moscow Meeting

57:42          Outro


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