Permaculture for Children

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Western Friend received this poem, along with the following note, from David Ireland of Boulder Meeting (IMYM) this week:

Hi Mary,

My friend Yongo Otieno Wycliffe, a young man from Kenya, is a dedicated permaculturalist. He is always positive even though he is currently suffering from Malaria. He runs a Facebook page called Permaculture for Children, if you want to have a look.

One of Yongo’s main goals is to recruit the young people of Kenya into working in permaculture, before they get indoctrinated into the war scene over there.

He wrote this poem and I want to share it with Friends in the West. I find it very inspiring and a very worthy goal to strive for.

This young man could use our support as he continues to champion the cause.

Thanks for your consideration,
Dave Ireland

Read about Yongo Otieno Wycliffe’s work here.

Visit his Facebook page here.


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