Nobel Peace Day - In Pictures

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Friends in Eugene, Oregon, celebrated Nobel Peace Day on September 25, 2022, with other friends in our community. As part of that celebration, I interviewed Pedro Sosa, our local AFSC staff person

Look below to enjoy some photos from the celebration and to watch a video of my interview with Pedro.

from John Allcott, Eugene Friends Meeting (10/2/2022)

Pedro Sosa, Emiliana Sosa, and Alonzo Oliveros

AFSC staffer Pedro Sosa with Emiliana Sosa and the new AFSC worker Alonzo Oliveros, at the Nobel Peace Park in Eugene, Oregon – the only Nobel Peace Park in the U.S. – at the plank memorializing the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to AFSC in 1947.








Planting milkweedPlanting milkweed in the Nobel Peace Park as a symbol of nurture and support of migrant monarch butterflies coming through Eugene, Oregon, and of welcome to immigrants to Eugene from Central America and all countries.








More nurture and welcome!More nurture and welcome!









Notes from Friends during an activityFriends respond to the query, “What does Peace mean to you?”










Pedro Sosa Interview

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