Lots of Queer Quakers - 1984

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Lots of Queer Quakers, Some of Whom are Gay

The video below was recorded at North Pacific Yearly Meeting, July, 1984. It conveys the experiences of fifteen lesbian and gay Quakers in a presentation that was first performed at University Friends Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Produced by St. Marie Unlimited Productions
Directed by Parker Lindner
Produced, Written, and Edited by Diane St. Marie
Production Assistance from Carolyn Stevens
Performed by
          Tony Atkins
          Sam Elwonger
          Eugene Sanborn
          Margaret Sorrell
          Carolyn Stevens
          Caryl Weaver

Music: “Gay Spirit,” written and performed by Charlie Murphy

Thanks to Nancy Helm for sharing this recording with Western Friend.



Lots of Queer Quakers

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