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Image of magazine cover showing a man performing yo-yo tricks
May 2021 / June 2021
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March 2021 / April 2021
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January 2021 / February 2021

Archive Issues

Magazine cover with photo of statue of wagon train
November 2015 / December 2015
Magazine cover with picture of toys on a playground
September 2015 / October 2015
July 2015 / August 2015
Electronic substation equipment and fence, Palo Alto, CA
May 2015 / June 2015
Cover of "On Knowing" issue of Western Friend
March 2015 / April 2015
Cover of "On Reconciliation" issue of Western Friend
January 2015 / February 2015


Deep Archive

Before Pacific Yearly Meeting existed, before North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings, even before the Pacific Coast Association of Friends . . . Friends in the West connected with each other through Friends Bulletin, which was founded in 1929 and transformed into Western Friend in 2008. Find a simplified chronology of past editors here, and a more detailed chronology here. Please let us know if you can help us fill in any of the “gaps” in our collection.

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Future Issues of the Magazine

Let us know if you would like to contribute writing, art, or photography to one of the upcoming issues of Western Friend, which will be organized around the following themes:

  • Nov / Dec 2020 – On Rules  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 10/1/2020*)
  • Jan / Feb 2021 – On Vision  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 11/15/2020)
  • Mar / Apr 2021 – On Relevance  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 2/1/2021*)
  • May / June 2021 – On Tricks  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 4/1/2021)
  • July / Aug 2021 – On Debt  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 6/1/2021*)
  • Sept / Oct 2021 – On Cliques  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 8/1/2021*)
  • Nov / Dec 2021 – On Words  (Manuscript deadline for print publication: 10/1/2021*)
  • We accept manuscripts for online publication at any time.

We publish articles on topics of interest to both Quaker newcomers and "seasoned Friends." Submitted manuscripts for print publication should be somewhat longer than 600, 1300, or 1900 words.

* It is possible that enough submissions will be submitted and accepted to fill the print edition of this issue before this deadline arrives.

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