Recent Developments at AFSC


I’ve just read an open letter in Western Friend online that describes a proposed restructuring of AFSC, which includes funding an additional management layer. [https://westernfriend.org/media/afsc-perilous-crossroads]


More Evidence is Needed

Dear Editor:

Another wonderful issue in November/December, concerning one of my favorite subjects: words and language. I have a question about one article. In the “Pages for All Ages” story about Sarah Blackborow, it states: “Blackborow even wrote about the divine as a “Mother” at times, although she always wrote about God as a male.”


Quaker Ancestors

Dear Editor: In your essay on Puritans and Quakers in the Sept/Oct 2021 Western Friend, we noticed the name of William Leddra, who was hanged on Boston Common. Leddra’s story is part of our family history. Robert Harper and his wife, Deborah Perry, are our 8th great grandparents and founders of Sandwich Meeting.


Truth and Healing Commission for Native Peoples

Dear Friends, at their June 20, 2021 meeting for worship with a concern for business, Intermountain Yearly Meeting (IMYM) approved the minute below. It calls on individual Friends and monthly meetings to urge their Congressional representatives to support a bill that seeks to create a Truth and Healing Commission for the U.S. Indian boarding schools.



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