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Privelege, Interrupting

Some Western Friend readers may have already met RantWoman, an official Quaker holy terror known for telling too much of the Truth about all kinds of things, at Recently a call went out for Friends to write articles about the 14th White Privilege Conference, held near Seattle in April 2013.


Manifest Destiny Revisited

Manifest Destiny Revisited

by Laurie Childers

The high plains summer day had ended – long and hot, heavy with spiritual ceremony, with talk of intergenerational trauma, with concern for the earth and for human societies. It was dark, and thirty of us were gathered under the a canopy of branches, introducing ourselves in a talking circle. 


The Bonds of Animal Agriculture

Since biblical times, humanity has lived by an ancient contract: We the first party (animals) give you our wool, milk, hides and meat, draw your plows and carriages, guard your houses, control your vermin, and fertilize your fields.  We the second party (humans) promise to keep you safe from predators, bind up your wounds and treat your diseases, provide you shelter from the elements, feed you


On Ben Lomond - Seven Haiku

Walking the labyrinth in June
Birds sing one onward
Ants see no obstacle in bare feet

Two roads to freedom
The beggar and the scholar
One takes the other gives away

By the waterfall’s chorus
Orange Kimono butterflies mate
Droopy redwood sapling

Fluttering in dappled sunlight
Tender green shoots

The Spiritual Power of Art

“Does my life reflect my values and beliefs?” This query is often on my mind, and probably yours too. As a child in Mountain View Friends Meeting (Denver), I learned the Quaker belief that there is “that of God in everyone,” sometimes called “the Light within.” The Light is our best and most holy potential, our goodness, our groundedness, our Truth.


The Revolution According to Mark

Two years ago, I was one of those people who flinched every time I heard the word “Jesus.”  When I told this to my friend Joe Snyder, he said, “Read the Bible. That'll take care of that flinch.” And then he told me about Mark.


Poems from "A Sail of Love"

A God-space between us
There is a God-space between us
that holds a truth
larger than any of our own.
It is a challenge to be open
to that possibility,
to trust the Great Mystery
of the in-between-place
that can move us towards
forgiveness, reconciliation, home.

On Seas of Grief


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