Annual Sessions

Courage in Crisis (abridged)

Excerpts from the keynote presentation to Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends; May 26, 2019; Canby Grove Christian Center, Canby, Oregon

Last Tuesday, I headed up to Friends Church with Karen, my accompanying elder and wife, intending to see some quilts. And on the way North, we drove to Mount St. Helens, all the way to the National Park.


Dwelling in Truth and Trusting Divine Spirit

Excerpts from the keynote presentation to Pacific Yearly Meeting; July 13, 2019; Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma, California

I would like to start by unpacking a word that for some people is a terrible hurdle and that is the word, “Christ.” Let’s go back to the original meaning of that word.


Faith, Fear, and Our Future (abridged)

Excerpts from the keynote presentation to Intermountain Yearly Meeting; June 13, 2019; Ghost Ranch, Abiquiú, New Mexico

So. Faith, fear, and our future. You guys don’t mess around with topics for keynote speakers!



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