Friends Bulletin - September 1979

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
To Friends Everywhere Paul F. Davis 1
From the Editor Shirley Ruth 2
Friends Bulletin Change of Address 3
Our New Brinton Visitors Martha Dart 3
An Ancient and Modern Theme Madge T. Seaver 4
Solitude at Ben Lomond Quaker Center 4
Epistle of the 33rd Session of PYM Lowell Tozer 5
Summary of Action Minutes 6
AFSC Search Committee Annoucement 7
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Report Lois Barton 8
Friendly Woman-Invitation to Quaker Women 8
For Anyone Who Tries to Teach (Poem) Sally W. Bryan 9
Report from Young Friends' Meetings Intermountain Yearly Meeting Betty Cole 10
To Friends Everywhere from IMYM Francis B. McAllister 10
Fifth Inter-Mountain Yearly Meeting Marie Clark 11
Vietnam Revisited...June 1979 David W. Stickney 13
Seminar on Indian Concerns Set for Fall 14
Report of Ministry and Oversight Committee PYM Eleanor Foster 15
Letters 16
Being Seventy (Book Review) Myra Keen 17
Memorial-Alfred Roberts 17
Quaker Contemplations 17
Vital Statistcs 20
Notice of Suscription Price Increase 20
Memorial-Ashton Bryan Jones 20